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Such a beautiful artstyle! A very nice game to relax to. 


I enjoyed the game a fair bit, but I should point out that I ran across a pretty nasty bug involving the random tree seeds.  Sometimes, seeds fall out of the sky and plant themselves on the ground, which is good, since there's a finite number of chests in the world after all.  The problem; however, twice I've managed to have one of said trees plant themselves at the very top of the map, far out of reach of trying to give a chop tree order.

What this means for the player is that the "sky trees" grab up all the light, making a large portion of the map completely unusable.  That, and the fact that those trees up there never have to deal with the possibility of losing light, means that the spawn of one of these marks the end of the save file.


I don't know how to play this game. theres no tutorial. no hints nothing. its not a point and click. i cant use my controller. i tried looking it up online and got no where. this is so dumb


Not sure where you looked, I found a page telling that you need the sunshine for the berrys and houses for the ferrys. The Trees are procedurally generated, this is something to keep in mind while getting wood. You can get into the ground with fireworks. With these basics I was able to play and explore to the secret door.

Something must be wrong with my copy of the game. I couldn't place houses or use the sparkles or anything. If I tried to build a house or use a spell the map would zoom out and thats it. I was able to chop down a tree but nothing else. Waste of my time.

I'm not sure if it's just because my computer is low end or something but when I'm in the Special World GMG is maxing out my GPU for some reason. I'm on a laptop so that might change things but I don't think funny world on fastest graphics should be doing this either way.


I would love to give this a go, but I don't like math...

This is such a charming and delightful game!

I got this as part of the Bundle for Ukraine; I'm trying to play on Linux but it crashes right after the screen to select your video settings. Any advice?


Does this include the 'secret doors' like the steam version?

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This game is exactly the same as the game you would get on Steam.


I got this game in the Bundle for Racial Justice and Equality, does that also come with a Steam Key?


Looked into this for more than 5 seconds, turns out the answer is no, but that's alright. I've enjoyed the game a ton already!

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(Firstly, i'm sorry with my english, i'm Brazilian) I don't know where to talk about this, but, I want to thank for the Community  Copy, this is a little help to me, I've seen this game in one video of my favorite Youtuber. Well, I just want to thank for this  opportunity to play Glittermitten Grove originally, Bye!


Really fun! I just wish you could place the little light orbs anywhere, as it gets really irritating trying to explore






I got this game with the "Indie bundle for Palestinian Aid" and it's the first I'm trying.
 This is a very adorable little game, perfect for just some mindless time killing. It's the type of game where I get lost in the simplicity for hours, with only the barest hint of stress surfacing anytime winter comes around and food is becoming sparse and the faries start leave town. All is well that ends well, though.


Until you find "The Door"
 Dig deep enough into the ground and you'll find this adorable little door. I'm not sure, if there is more than one, I've only found the one so far and it has slightly traumatized me.
I click on it, all excited, thinking of the possibility of a new map or something that might resque my starving faries.
Instead I am faced with a completely different game, that destroyed every bit of calm I had acumulated the past 2 hours. Apparently it's called "Frog Fractions 2". Not my type of game. But okay. I'll just ignore it's existence, when I play. 

Otherwise a beautiful, adorable game. 

I downloaded it because the UI looked sleek and I wasn't disappointed! Incredibly engaging little game.

It is a fun game, the management is super interesting... until you realize there is more to it. This game despite it look really embrace the chaotic energy of fairies.


Hmm, seems I own this game three times now.  Racial Justice bundle, steam purchase, and SEALED IN BOX.

I kind of wish there was an easy mode though where the game wasn't trying to stress me out with YOUR TREES ARE DYING while I'm trying to figure out the interface.

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I bought the game on steam, could I get a drm free copy? I don't want to take a community copy because I don't want to take a copy someone else could have.

Edit: I can provide whatever proof you need


Sure. I don't think has a DM system, where should I send the code?

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thats a good question, can you send it to me on discord?

I think so!


I got this game from the Racial Bundle, and I've finally finished playing and streaming it. It took me 5 long sessions to completely finish the game and it makes me feel very nostalgic back to the days before those pay-to-wait-because-the-game-has-no-real-content idle and management games. I was just like, hey, there's no buying gems for $1,999 in here! It also shows that game design is really important.

What I like the most is that while playing, I can feel the love the developers have for really good games. While the implementation isn't always perfect, I really enjoyed it.

My tip is, dead trees can also be useful too. If it has lots of branches, you can use those trees to set up many houses and leave the other trees alone.


if anyone got this in the Racial Bundle, I wholeheartedly recommend it. It’s one of the more unique simulators I’ve played. It’s definitely simple enough to figure out but difficult to master. You can tell a lot of care went into this. Beginner tip is always plan for food. If you don’t you’ll sure to meet your end.


Make sure to prioritize food right off the bat, cuz if you aren't prepared, winter can be rough!

I love this game a lot : )

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A startling invitation for the mindful. What desperate kitsch, barren ugliness these faeries unleash in their pointless quest to grow their society. How does a fully realised Faerie Palace, surrounded by woodsheds, bogus healing crystals, and countless identical dwellings compare in beauty to just one of those magnificent oaks, if left to grow unmolested?

It cannot be a coincidence that they spend the majority of this game literally undermining themselves. The glaring omission of the risk of death or any permanent physical injury for the faeries from the real life risks of collapsing mines, falling branches, is clearly an authorial decision to heighten the players sense of magical specialness. This can be you perfect world. A perfectly safe, perfectly ugly, uniform faries-only world, where nature only exists as far as it bends to your will.

Go on, fertilize that raspberry bush again. You can always aggressively prune any new growth from the neighbouring trees to ensure it receives enough sunlight. If you do it right, all new growth will cease permanently, leaving you with perfectly bare and usefully strong branches, a zero maintenance structure  perfectly suited to supporting your buildings and sunlight capturing devices.

Feedback/requests: Ability to name faeries and enforce some sort of social hierarchy. And would it kill you to include a few fan-service scenes?


I love this comment 

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A surprisingly difficult and complex resource manage sim! Expect to restart your game when bad planning means that your homes are breaking the branches you've built on, you've wasted all your seeds, and your fairies are all starving. 


Cast Light is a very useful spell. You can only build where you can see, but Cast Light allows you to extend the range of Sight Orbs. 

You can only build structures on top of trees, so don't chop down trees at your start point or it will be very difficult to continue. If you let them grow, you can harvest more wood from them in the long term.

Evergreen trees grow in winter if they have available sunlight. However, you do not seem to be able to build on them, so they're only good for wood.

I've just started playing and I'm like, how do you do anything? How do you gather cristals?


nvm figured how to use fireworks


any good guides for this? or can I at least get the guide from the steam dlc?

nvm i beat it


Really love this game, but I can't seem to talk to the faeries. It says it isn't picking up any mics? I am sure my mics are working because I recorded audio on my mac before. If you have any ideas, please let me know.


Its a cute resource management game, where you try to balance your resources in a way to make your fairy population prosper. While it is a rather simple game, it is also strangely satisfying due to the tree growth animations and you gently nudging your little fairy garden to your needs. There is also a rather interesting New game+ mode that you can unlock that changes things up a bit. The new rules and additions to the gameplay are rather unique and a pretty good distraction from the main gameplay loop at that point, but doesnt quite reach the height of other comparable games in that genre. 3,5/5

More Racial Justice bundle impressions and ranking:


i feel like a dumb Frog for asking this  but it seems by your review that you only saw Fractions of what the game really has to offer...

did you open the door?

because there is a lot 2 see there ;-)


I did, I thought the Newgame+ comment might have given it away considering Glittermitten doesnt have a NG+ mode ;) 
But thanks for reaching out!


I started playing it for the fairies. Found the Frog Fraction 2... And have to start a new game to go back to my fairies.


You should be able to restore the save file without a question mark at the end to get back to your faerie village.

does this contain frog fraction 2?








I don't know.

Can you repeat that question?

You're not the boss of me now


Bought accidentally in the bundle for racial justice. Searched 'glitter' in an attempt to download Glitter Hearts. 

This showed up.

My scream of delight in knowing that I now owned this game woke the neighbors.


I don't really have anything to say about the game at the moment, I just really wanted to show off my snazzy new profile picture.



AMAZING. I enjoyed the base game and then I opened a door... How do you even hide something like that ? My only regret is that I might still want to play the base game a bit (or let a younger sibbling play it because, hey, it's a sweet little game already) and there doesn't seem to be a way to opt out.

I would not have looked at that game normally, only played it as it was recommanded in the bundle and now I just want to recommand it around me. Keep it up, I hope you get the visibility you deserve !

I recommend watching the noclip documentaries about this game to learn about how it was made. Really interesting stuff.

You can go back to your save before opening the door to keep playing.


I got this game in the bundle FoR racial justice and it was wOrth it ! this Game is great, long, Fun and veRy cool ! be prepAred for this Cool. You should play ThIs awOmesome surprising game ! oNly 5$ with the bundle.

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This game is great! One of my favorites in the bundle for racial justice. I've spent a lot of time in it, and since no one's mentioned it, I'd like to shoutout the easter egg that I recently discovered after playing for a while. ; )

Does anyone else have sound issues on Linux? In my case it basically doesn't play any sound whatsoever.

this reminds me of a game on nintendo 2ds, its called Zara The Fastest Fairy

but this game isnt bad like Zara The Fastest Fairy

because Zara The Fastest Fairy was worth it


FoR real? wOw, i Guess other Folks have ReAlly Completed That one. I thOught i was the oNly one. Strange that there's 2 of us!




this game is as good as you may think. Flipping tons of Running arOund and collecting sunlight. Good Fun foR the full fAmily. Check ouT thIs ONe time opportunity. it'S super.

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Fun game! Really worth your time. Only the steam version was available before this, so if you haven't picked it up yet get it here to support the developers. Go on, what are you waiting for, it's currently FRACTIONS of it's previous price! 2 for the price of one!


I love how your default avatar forms part of the hidden message ;)